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Medical Community

boy-with-nurseWhy is it important to offer your patients 0-5 a developmental screening?

  • Practices using developmental screening tools identify developmental concerns 70-80% of the time as compared to 30% without using a formal screening tool.
  • Promotes early identification and referral to services
  • Recommended by AAP and CHDP guidelines
  • Gold Coast currently reimburses $55 for developmental screenings conducted during well child visits

Developmental Screening Tool Selection Criteria

Help Me Grow – VC conducted research on multiple developmental screening tools using the following selection criteria:

  • Tool must be used for screening (not child assessment)
  • Covers multiple domains
  • Highly validated – above 70%
  • Completed by parents
  • Used in multiple settings including medical setting, early care and education providers, home visitors
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Quick for parents to complete
  • Quick for physicians to score

As a result of our research we recommend the ASQ-3 and PEDS for use in the medical setting.  We believe the ASQ-3 is a better screening method due to the age specific questions.  When the PEDS is used we encourage the use of the ASQ-3 as a secondary screening tool. For additional details about the tools see: Birth to 5: Watch me Thrive! A Compendium of Screening Measures for Young Children. Clinics interested in offering developmental screenings in their practice should contact Help Me Grow for an initial overview and learn how the PEDS and ASQ materials may be available to you at no charge.

Communicating Results

When communicating developmental screening results to a parent:

  • Use results of “No concerns”, “Concerns”, or “Monitor Zone”
  • Emphasize areas where development is on target
  • Remind parents this is not a diagnosis
  • Reason for referral is so child can do as well as possible
  • Reason for referral is for further assessment to see if they qualify for services
  • Emphasize areas where development is on target or “no concerns”
  • Encourage parent to call the referral agency as soon as possible
  • Follow through after a few weeks to make sure parents are proceeding with recommendations