About Us

Supporting the Community in Developmental Monitoring

With funding from First 5 of Ventura County, Help Me Grow Ventura County was established to support and improve developmental screening practices throughout Ventura County. Our goal is to help children in Ventura County access appropriate and timely developmental screening.

This is accomplished by:

  • Creating a network of local partners dedicated to developmental monitoring and early intervention.
  • Educating and training local medical providers and early childhood educators on best practices around developmental screening and referral.
  • Providing tools and resources to support screening and referral.
  • Collecting and reporting data around developmental screening outcomes

Community Partners

Help Me Grow Ventura County consists of community partners interested in providing effective and efficient screening, referral and early intervention services.

  • First 5 of Ventura County
  • Early Start
  • Gold Coast Health Plan
  • Rainbow Connection Family Resource Center
  • Tri-Counties Regional Center
  • Ventura County Public Health
  • Ventura County Health Care Agency
  • Ventura County Special Education Local Plan Area